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Travelling to London from the USA?


There are some differences between the UK and our neighbours across the pond. For example in the USA, an apartment is often referred to as a furnished rental, furnished suite and furnished apartment. However, outside of North America the term often used is a serviced apartment.

After booking your stay, it’s important to know where to collect your keys from. In the USA, keys are often collected from a “lockbox” which have a secure entry code. The equivalent of a “lockbox” in the UK is a “safe”. That’s not the only difference. It’s well documented that everything is bigger in the USA and this applies to apartments. Whilst the average size of an extended stay apartment in the USA is 800 square feet, in the UK it’s more like 500 square feet.  Space is at a premium in the UK and this is particularly the case for London. However, this doesn’t mean that the overall quality of the apartment diminishes! Quite the opposite actually, as extra attention is taken to ensure the space is used creatively.

Clarendon has provided extended stay furnished rentals across London for over 26 years. We have locations to suit all tastes from the leafy suburbs of Kew Gardens downtown to the hustle and bustle of Canary Wharf, London’s premier business district. These apartments are ideally suited to business travellers who seek a location close to their offices whilst also being within touching distance of London’s sights and attractions.

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