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27-Jan-2015 01 36A WELLINGTON STREET
All in all, everything was great. Obtaining this apartment was nice and easy and the overall service has been great. I really enjoyed the support of getting my friend an extra key for his last day visiting me...this allowed me to go back to work and not disrupt my day.

A couple minor areas for improvement. The cleaning service did an excellent job maintaining the cleanliness of the apartment. However, it would be nice if they would be able to keep certain things as-is. For example, being on the 2nd floor overlooking a busy street, I liked to keep my blinds closed. Every Monday after the cleaning service came, I would get home and need to re-shut my blinds. I know there is a probably a checklist that they need to execute, but it would be nice if they could recognize that I keep them shut. Similarly, it would also be nice if they were able to clean the shower without changing some of the settings. For example, they would often clean the item that controls the hot/cold setting or move around the shower head. Again....very minor, but these are things that I would always have to put back to my preferred settings every Monday.

Regardless of those minor things, the experience was great, location was amazing and it was a great overall experience.

09-Oct-2014 03 36A WELLINGTON STREET
Great apartment and service.
03-Oct-2013 01 36A WELLINGTON STREET
Apartment was clean, comfortable enough and in a perfect location meeting my needs of easy walk to office, grocery and restos. Special mention to Jackie Moss (Operations Mgr) who was very efficient and responsive to all my queries, clarifications and needs. Great job, Jackie! I look forward to my next stay at Clarendon! :) A few minor suggestions:
1) Windows are a bit tight/stuck and difficult to open/close possibly bec they are seldom opened. Suggest these be opened at least 1x a month to clean out the dust around the frame.
2) Radio reception weak, so any way this can be improved would help.
3) Any way you could have cable TV? A smaller flat screen TV would also help in the bedroom!