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11-Mar-2014 73 GOOCH HOUSE
Good apartment and the facilities available are standard. You can think of giving options to visitors on how to subscribe to pay per view channels especially international visitors.
10-Mar-2014 7 GOOCH HOUSE
Car parking would be a big benefit
10-Mar-2014 54 GOOCH HOUSE
Very good service. I had 2 minor issues but this was sorted out very quickly. Other than that I enjoyed my stay and everything was to my satisfaction.
28-Oct-2013 37 GOOCH HOUSE
Good reliable.Well located
Appliances are better than some other clarendon properties i have stayed in.
21-Oct-2013 74 GOOCH HOUSE
Every thing was in place
04-Oct-2013 72 GOOCH HOUSE
Very well serviced, issues were resolved fast. Great apartment with a nice view (although not for all apartments)
20-Jul-2013 57 GOOCH HOUSE
Actually - we would rate stay someway between good and poor - lets say Fair.

We were given incorrect code for accessing our keys....we had just arrived in Hammersmith - and the children were very tired.

We we placed in an apartment located on the street frontage - not in the same apartment we had last time, as requested. This was noisy due to street traffic noises, and we wanted a small balcony as per our last stay.

Insufficient bedding was provided, we had to borrow linen from family the first night.
Bedding was provided the next day - that was ok - but the cleaners removed the bedding so for the remaining day/s, we had to take sheets off our bed so our son could have bedding.

Heating [For the hot Summer] - we were not able to reduce the heating - the hall was over heated also. Strange!

We feel this time that the company has lost sight of the mission statement - maybe your should review your aims - what do you really want to provide - sell.
Do you want to accommodate your clients - do you even care.

For our next visit to Hammersmith - we will need to reconsider where we stay.
Mr Ayers
I take your points on board and unreservedly apologise to you and your family for service failings on our part. It’s not what we’re about at Clarendon.
I need to investigate further with Reservations and Housekeeping on Monday and will get back to you again after that. Please bear with me until then.
Yes, new-build apartment block builds in the UK are very hot in the kind of weather we’re having this month in London due to a combination of ‘super’ insulation and centrally controlled block heating.
Kind regards, Scott
Scott Hamilton

Dear Mr Ayers,
Following investigations this morning I accept that there is some confusion over the bed and bedding arrangements for your 2 children.
As a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience caused to you and your family over this matter, I’d like to offer you a refund of 3 nights stay plus VAT.
Please contact Carmen Bewick to arrange this refund.
Kind regards, Scott
Scott Hamilton
Managing Director

Guest Services @ Clarendon
21-Jun-2013 41 GOOCH HOUSE
Amazing. Brilliant. The flat was beautiful , airy , spacious. Serviced weekly to the highest standart. Huge supercomfortable bed , great pillows and duvet. The service and customer service I received exceded my expectations. A couple of things needed repairing and everything was done perfectly and promptly. Very happy to have stayed there , I will recomend it to anyone expecting the best in a very central London location. Nicola and Charlotte dealt with me in seceral occasions and I could not have asked for better care and attention and fantastic cust
07-Jun-2013 10 GOOCH HOUSE
I liked the cleanliness