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Excellent Service
Thank you for your review. So glad you enjoyed your stay. Come back again soon!
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The Clarendon Team
25-Mar-2015 45-47B BRUSHFIELD STREET
Apartment and its location was pretty good. However you need to make sure that the facilities indicated are available and robust before you let it out. The facilities guide in the apartment said that there was a phone available , which was not the case. Also the digital safe provided was non-operational and the toiled flush was too hard to operate. The internet connection was unstable and fairly unusable for at least 3 days. I did send a complaint email to guestservices email address indicated, but received no response on the same till date, though internet connection improved after that. The least I would expect is a call back/email acknowledgement indicating that issues will be addressed. Lack of response is terrible thing
I am sorry that you were not happy with your stay at Brushfield Street.

You contacted us by email at 09.02 on 13 March 2015 as follows:

I am staying over at 45-47B brushfield street from 8th-21st March . The manual says that the phone is available but I could not locate any, neither does dialing the number can get you through. Internet service provided is not usable, it isn’t working for last 2 days and the toilet flush is very hard, almost non operational. Also the digital safe provided is locked out (I tried resetting the pin as per the manual instructions, but I don’t seem to be able to setup a new PIN)

Would it be possible to fix up these little niggles please?

At 10.51 on 13 March, we emailed you back as follows:

Good morning,

Maintenance will attend your apartment today look at all the issues that you have raised.

The telephone instructions should have been removed prior to your arrival as this facility is no longer offered throughout our apartments and I apologise for the oversight on our part, for not having removed them.

If you have any other queries please contact us at guestservices@clarendonuk.com

Kind regards

AT 14.56 Pat on our maintenance team emailed us in the office to advise that the toilet flush was working, he had reset the safe and it was ready to use and he had checked the 4G wifi device and it was working fine.

At 15.00 on 13 March we emailed you again as follows:

Good afternoon,

Maintenance have attended your apartment today and I am pleased to tell you that everything is working as it should.

If you have any other queries please contact us at guestservices@clarendonuk.com

Kind regards

After that, we did not hear from you again so assumed that you were happy with your apartment.

Our Reservations Manager has just mentioned to me that emails to employees at your company frequently end up in their spam folders. Perhaps this is what happened here. Would you mind checking your junk email to see if our emails are in it.

Clarendon Team
Everything is perfect including location, cleanness, utilities, etc, except that once in a month, a street cleaning company will make huge noise during the whole night.
Higher frequency of Apartment Cleaning services and timely (whenever cleaning is done) replenishment of general things like coffee, sugar, tea, etc. is much needed.
Easy to find, instructions were clear, location of apartment was good, cleaning service was good and when I requested it, allergy free bedding was included.

the only issues I would have are the noise of the apartment - it was basically impossible to sleep as the windows are not double glazed/ don't provide any sound proofing and the fact that some of the furniture and fittings looked a bit battered and worn (e.g. handles missing from hall closets, stains on sofa, chunks out of the base of kitchen cupboards) - these should be repaired promptly
Very clean, precious apartment
Lovely place, the WiFi was horrible so the router needed resetting every 10 minutes or so. Otherwise, everything was very impressive and great value. The location was fantastic with numerous food, drink, and nightlife options on the doorstep, but little noise to disrupt us in the night.

There was, however, a mouse in the apartment with us. Spotted at about 2am in the living room/kitchen... Nothing that we were remotely concerned about, but I could imagine other guests would be apoplectic...

Will happily come again and reccommend to friends, thanks for a great week!
29-Apr-2014 45-47C BRUSHFIELD STREET
My experience was very positive in general.
My only issue had to do with internet connection. There was either a problem with the network or with the modem itself. The connection within 45 C Brushfield street was not good so I had to connect to other local networks to go online and dont disconnect every now and then.
I have enjoyed my stay in the apartment.
Good service
The apartment is well located in the city with good access to food establishments and close to public transportation. The apartment itself was clean, functional and well maintained with everything needed for an extended stay. The only small negative was the early morning noise due to cleaning being undertaken in the market area.
19-Oct-2013 45-47C BRUSHFIELD STREET
well organized, great location and perfect apartments.
I had a fantastic stay at the Brushfield street apartment. It is very close to the Liverpool street and the Spitafields market. The music and fun over Friday evenings is awesome. The flat is very spacious and is sufficiently furnished. A recommended place to stay in Central London
28-Jun-2013 45-47C BRUSHFIELD STREET
Everything was great - the apartment was beautiful, the snacks were a great touch for a very tired traveler. I would absolutely recommend and stay again!
21-May-2013 45-47C BRUSHFIELD STREET
Excellent location and apartment - very clean.
Excellent support from the operations team.

However, one feedback:
It is very pricey to pay for an extra day due to the lack of late checkout/left luggage service. 10am checkout is early - if there could be a smaller fee to pay for late checkout and/or left luggage?
The Brushfield location is particularly convenient for my business, and I enjoy being in Spitalfields Market if working late because it is easy to pick up a bite to eat to bring back to the apartment. The living area of the apartment (39A) is quite large and the furniture useful - I particularly like the ability to lounge in front of the TV with the couch/settee. If I was asked for a suggestion, I would recommend buying a couple regular drinking glasses. I think this apartment's selection is probably getting low due to some breakage - I noticed only two tall drinking glasses.