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Clarendon launches improved website

Clarendon has launched a NEW improved website with added functionality, providing more ways for our clients and guests to search for their preferred serviced apartment in London. In addition to searching via the locations tab, we’ve introduced a scrolling carousel on the home page, which links directly to all Clarendon’s locations and property details.

For those new to London or uncertain of an apartments location, we have added ‘search by postcode’ and ‘interactive map’ functions to assist in finding a London serviced apartment closest to a particular address or place of work.

Also added are guest reviews, enabling guests to submit and share their experiences during their stay. We hope this provides an insight into to what to expect from your stay at Clarendon and assists in making that all important decision on where to stay in London.

Clarendon is always striving to improve standards and the service we provide our clients and guests. We hope these most recent upgrades add to your ‘Clarendon experience’ and look forward to seeing you online!

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