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London Old Spitalfields Market

London old Spitalfields market, you should think about a visit. It’s a vibrant area at the very heart of the City and is home to one of Britain’s most famous markets.

Located in East London, Spitalfields Market dates back to 1638 when King Charles I granted the market a licence to sell fowl, roots, fruit and vegetables. Since then the market has rapidly expanded and the local area has attracted a diverse range of communities: Maltese, Irish, Scots, West Indian, Somalian and Bangladeshi. Due to the popularity and growth of the market, it was forced to move to a bigger area in Leyton, East London in 1991.

Boutique Stalls & Artisan shops


Today, Spitalfields market has a wide range of stalls from fashion and make up to designer antiques and artisan shops. A visitor to the market can also expect to find independent shops, cafes, bars and award winning restaurants. Upon entering the market, you cannot help but notice the fusion between old and new London. This in turn, makes it a truly dynamic and exciting place for people to visit.

It’s easy to forget that Spitalfields Market is only a stone’s throw away from London’s financial district (the square mile), which is home to multinational banks such as Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland. After taking the short walk from the square mile to Spitalfields market you will feel like you have entered a different world, as the tradition and culture of London comes alive.

London’s square mile


A proportion of the 300,000 people who work in London’s square mile are those who have been assigned to work in the city. For these assignees, Spitalfields market represents the ideal place to visit during the weekend and staying in the area is strongly advised for those who want to experience traditional London.

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