Moving to London for a new job? A serviced apartment could be the perfect solution

For those hunting for a new job – or who have just landed one – it can often include a new home as well. For those who live in a vibrant city or town with employment opportunities or a secure and familiar network of friends and relations they will probably be happy to stay put. Others may want to move and London is frequently an attractive option. Moving to a new city, however, brings with it its own challenges that need to be carefully considered.

The latest Labour Market Outlook says that employment in the UK is set to grow in the year’s second quarter. There are more employers looking for new members of staff, especially in the private sector. It’s called the employment balance and it weighs those firms looking to hire with those letting people go. In the private sector it has risen from +5 to +21 in the first three months of this year. The biggest growth areas are in IT (+36) and consultancy services (+25).

The report does not suggest the job market is positive for everyone. There is still pressure on companies to look to school leavers or graduates or those finding it hard to get on the first rung of the ladder. There are huge numbers of applicants for each job, which can be overwhelming for employers who then set the standards incredibly high.

When the job market is a tough and competitive place to be it becomes more necessary for job seekers to look further afield for work. The City and London’s reputation as a global powerhouse inevitably means it is seen as the hub and the centre of a lot of different industries, meaning more job seekers will look there first for new work.

Relocating means not only having the pressure of starting a new job but also finding a new home. The kind of place you want to live in often depends on a number of factors; how old you are, whether you’re moving along or with a family, what your income is and whether you’re relocating permanently or looking for a crash pad. Weighing all these factors together, finding somewhere that meets all your needs can be challenging, and just as time consuming as finding the new job in the first place.

A simpler solution is to find a temporary accommodation that is cost-effective and ticks as many boxes as possible. This enables you to find somewhere suitable for the long term, without the pressure of a ticking deadline.

Why might a Clarendon Serviced Apartment be that solution? In terms of location, serviced apartments are located across the capital, from The City and Canary Wharf to further afield in Kew Village. For someone relocating to London who wants to be close to the office they can find an apartment on the doorstep. Similarly, Clarendon provides solutions for those moving with their family that might want somewhere a little further away with more of a local community and a suburban transition for the family to get used to their new city.

There is also the second consideration of space. Again someone moving on their own or as a couple might only need a one or two bedroom apartment. There is still comfortable living space and a fully fitted kitchen so you can build a home from home. For larger families they can opt for a two or three bedroom apartment and spread their wings a little easier. There are also all the features and fixtures to make life more comfortable like Wi-Fi, Freeview TV, kitchen facilities, fitted batch room etc. to make the transition as smooth and pain free as possible. On days off there are also plenty of London attractions to choose from to help immerse yourself in the life and culture of your new home as soon as possible.

For those moving to London it can be a stressful and time-consuming process to juggle finding a new home with settling into a new job. Remove the pressure by opting for a serviced apartment to act as temporary accommodation while you find your new home. Look for a place that meets your needs and those of your family making it easier for you to adapt and settle into your new life.

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