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Comparison of a furnished rental in the USA and UK


At Clarendon Serviced Apartments the following facilities are included within the nightly rate:


In the USA however, a lot of the facilities mentioned above are added extras:

Provided in the nightly rate:

Added Extras (£):

Not only do Clarendon provide value in relation to a furnished rental in the USA, but we also offer the following benefits in comparison to a hotel:

1.       EXTRA SPACE- On average a furnished rental offers 30% more space than an equivalent hotel room. This extra space is essential  if you are staying in the City for an extended stay (7 nights+) and provides the option to work from home

2.       FLEXIBILITY- You have the option to either eat in or out. The fully equipped kitchen provided in all Clarendon furnished suites allows you to prepare a meal from scratch and save money on expensive takeaways. The choice however is yours!

3.       PRIVACY- One of the main issues with a hotel is the fact that you have an open reception area which can attract the wrong type of visitor! With a Clarendon furnished rental there is restricted access as guests can only enter with a four digit passcode. The code is provided to guests prior to arrival

Overall, a furnished rental provides you with a home away from home and a comfortable stay whilst you are in the City. As previously mentioned, a furnished apartment is typically cheaper than a hotel for an extended stay (7nights +) as you avoid hidden costs such as drinks from the mini bar, room service charges and WIFI costs.

If you require further information about Clarendon’s furnished rentals or would like to make a booking please contact our friendly reservation team on 01784 489200 (option 1) or alternatively email: reservations@clarendonuk.com. At Clarendon people who stay with us, stay with us!